Wedding Venues in Orange County

Searching for perfect Orange County Wedding Venues

Questions to ask yourself during your search

wedding venues in orange county
Getting a wedding venue for your big day can be a daunting task and more so because it represents one of the most memorable day in your life. Indeed it is an overwhelming decision and one requires adequate time before settling for a location as there are numerous considerations to make ranging from the wedding theme, the decorations, the food, the guest list among others. This notwithstanding, you have to ensure that the wedding date is perfect so as to be sure of the travel and accommodation arrangements. Orange County, California is chock-full of beautiful locations for your special day.

The first question to ask is whether you want your wedding reception to be held at the same place with the ceremony. There are numerous wedding venues in Orange County to choose from once you answer the question as it will determine the logistics involved. If you are getting married in a registry or a church, you will have to budget for two venues. It is important to ask your wedding contacts for decent places that you can hold the wedding reception without involving a lot of travel. You might as well consider using one venue for the ceremony and the reception. This will, however, include getting a venue that has been licensed for weddings. Also, don’t forget the vendors you’re currently working with. For example, the Orange County wedding photographer you’ve chosen has probably worked at many locations and can give you some great ideas.

Get the opinions of those closest to you.

orange county wedding venues
Get as many opinions from your friends and relatives as possible and list them down. Engage your partner since this is an affair where two people are involved and brainstorm on what exactly you need for your day. Think of what you will be looking out for in the location; is it lots of space, all – inclusive service, character, or something unique? The next step will be to shortlist the wedding venues in Orange County and settle for a few. It is after this that you now proceed to visit the locations to get the real feel of every place. Does it have a private room where you can get ready? don’t forget, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying on all the wedding dresses in Orange County, so you’ll need a lot more hours to get ready.

Engage the staff in each wedding spot by asking vital questions the number of parking spaces available, the size of the halls or the gardens and the number of guests they can hold, availability of accommodation, the recommended time to shut down the party and the security detail. You should as well ask for a quotation for the whole day and night if you are planning to have a night party, whether the staff will help you in the set up, serving the food and tidying up the venue. Ensure you get all the necessary information you will need to make your final decision.

After visiting the wedding sites of your choice, you can now settle for one by considering all the factors like the number of guests you intend to have and the wedding theme. Once you are settled you can do your reservations for a particular date. If you are doing a wedding on a budget, ensure you do not overstretch your budget with the wedding venue leaving nothing for the other activities. Always choose a venue that perfectly suits your budget and needs, and you will surely have a successful and colorful day to remember. Your wedding will be surely a benchmark among all your friends.

Wedding Venues in Ventura County

I am quite sure that you have seen amazing wedding photos of flowery receptions and paper goods that were bought from Etsy green vendors. Everything was colorful and well coordinated and the colors were not only plain and primary like those of decorations bought at Party City. And you stare with awe and tell yourself that that’s exactly how you want your wedding reception to look like; you know, magnificent!

First and foremost you have to look at the wedding venues in Ventura County where your wedding reception will take place. Where should you begin? You begin by considering the kind of style you would like to have for your reception. This is also an important factor in helping you the overall wedding style that you would want. Again, where are you supposed to start? What kind of wedding venues currently exist? Church? Beach? Hotels that have ugly carpeted walls? Ugh. Here is a list of a variety of venues that you can put into consideration.

Wedding venues in Ventura County range from churches and their reception halls that resemble cafeterias, backyards (possibly at your own house, a relative’s home or a friend’s), a hotel ballroom (these are normally really convenient and are characterized by very high ceilings and carpeted walls), a country club, a plantation, an old house, a mansion, property, a farm house, an aquarium, a zoo, a museum, a historical building, a club or a concert hall, the beach, a beach clubhouse, a far away beach destination, a bar or restaurant, a vineyard, a brewery, in the woods or forest, or even in the mountain.

Basically, a wedding venue can be anywhere thinkable and accessible. A wedding can be held anywhere and the only hindrance is what you want to fill that particular space with (that is a joke!). There isn’t a venue that is challenge free among those that have been mentioned above. Every venue comes with its difficulties and it is all up to you to decide which venue and its problems you’d like to face. Do you intend to get your own vendors or do you want someone to handle everything for you? You can purchase a complete wedding package or you can do it all by yourself. Being a photographer I have to inquire what look you’d like your wedding to have. Do you want the beach look photos or a privacy feel of a ceremony held in the mountains or deep in the woods? Is a traditional church wedding ceremony what you want? What do you even really want?

Here is some good advice. Pick your best 3 venues out of the above and pay a visit to all with these factors in mind:

  • Availability on your specific dates
  • Size of venue and number of guests
  • Does the venue give you a good feeling and are the staff likeable?
  • Will the venue look exquisite in photos?
  • Can you vendors work from there with ease?
  • Does it fit your budget?

These are the queries you should answer while selecting wedding venues in Ventura County as they serve as a guide. One last question, is it you venue of marriage and wedding celebration? You really have to ask yourself that last one. The main thing isn’t availability or ease of accessing a venue. It’s all about you and where you want to enjoy your special day and share it with those you love that are close to you like family and friends.

Create A Wedding Website

Often, a couple who are about to get married decides to create a wedding website. There are several great reasons to learn how to build a site in preparation for an upcoming wedding:

  • Friends and relatives can stay up-to-date on the wedding plans and dates.
  • The couple’s gift registry can be listed.
  • Beautiful pictures of the soon to be married couple can be posted online.

When you are ready to create a wedding website, you first need to get a web hosting account. Then you have to register a domain name. If you are using a wordpress theme, there are many wedding themes available for free. If you go to, you will find a wide array of choices. There are also many free tutorials on how to create a wedding website.